From a jovial household filled with the spirit of adventure and a passion for education, Cass-Leigh Oranje’s journey from a curious Johannesburg student to a formidable force in labour law captures both her vibrant character and her deep-rooted desire to make a difference. Growing up in a family where holidays were an expedition and passion was the daily bread, it’s little wonder that Cass-Leigh’s path led her from initially studying education to finding her true calling in the corridors of law, where debates and public speaking weren’t just a talent but a passion.

A vivid storyteller of her own life, Cass-Leigh recounts her transition with a sense of destiny that seemed to guide her from the classrooms of Glenvista High School through the halls of the University of Johannesburg, where she embraced her love for law. Her career, infused with the tenacity inherited from her hardworking parents and a personal drive to leave a “concrete and lasting legacy,” reflects a blend of her childhood lessons and her own aspirations.

Joining the Consolidated Employers’ Organisation (CEO) wasn’t just a career move for Cass-Leigh; it was a step into a family. Here, her passion for people, fairness, and building relationships found a home. CEO’s focus on educating and empowering employers resonates deeply with her, highlighting her belief in the power of knowledge and the importance of a compassionate, understanding approach to fostering a better society.

What stands out most in Cass-Leigh’s narrative is not just her professional accolades or her commitment to labour law; it’s her unabashed enthusiasm for life. Described by friends as “dramatic and over the top,” her passion, compassion, and empathy shine through, whether she’s understanding the complexities of employment law or enjoying the simple pleasures of trying new restaurants and exploring new cities.

Cass-Leigh’s story is one of balance—between the drive to achieve and the desire to live fully, between the dedication to her career and her commitment to family and gratitude. It’s a tale that reminds us that the heart of every professional is a person who loves, laughs, and dreams—of future beaches filled with family, dogs, and boundless joy.

For someone whose life motto could very well be ‘passion is the key,’ Cass-Leigh Oranje embodies the spirit of someone who lives not just for the victories in the courtroom but for the adventures that life offers outside of it. Her tale is a vivid reminder that at the heart of every profession, passion can turn a job into a calling and a life into a legacy.