TikTok? Rather not

It is a new age, and Generation Z, aptly known as Zoomers, are beginning to make up a large part of the workplace. With that comes employees who actively engage in all forms of social [...]

Resign, or I’ll Have to Report You

As an employer, you may encounter challenging scenarios involving employee misconduct within your workplace. It's imperative to understand that certain acts of misconduct not only breach company disciplinary codes but also constitute criminal offences under [...]

Aligning Annual Wage Increments with External Realities

South African businesses faced a multitude of challenges during the preceding financial year. Load shedding posed a significant obstacle, disrupting operations and increasing costs. The railway freight logistics sector also grappled with security challenges, including [...]

Beware! The Agents are coming!

Section 213 of the Labour Relations Act defines a collective agreement as: “A written agreement concerning terms and conditions of employment or any other matter of mutual interest concluded by one or more registered trade [...]

Greening the Workplace: ESG In South Africa

December 13th, 2023|

The escalating focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors is reshaping the landscape of business operations globally. South African businesses, in tandem with the rest of the world, are integrating sustainability into their core [...]

Whose Mandate Is It Anyway?

December 13th, 2023|

Settlement agreements are an integral part of the dispute resolution process. Whenever there is a dispute, whether in the CCMA or internally in the workplace, the parties to the dispute are encouraged to settle disputes [...]