Too many Shop Stewards in the workplace…?

Trade union representatives ("Shop Stewards"), who are also employees of the employer, represent the interest of the trade union and its members in the workplace. Shop Stewards form part of the workforce as employees who assist and communicate workplace issues and facilitate negotiations and bargaining between the trade union and the employer. This article will [...]

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The Defence of Res Judicata

The doctrine of res judicata is founded upon the principle that matters should reach finality and that the party referring the dispute should not be allowed to bring the same action again to the same or different forum. The principle of res judicata further contemplates that an Applicant needs to raise all the issues upon [...]

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To be a member, you must subscribe: Union deductions in terms of Section 13 of the Labour Relations Act

The collective bargaining process requires time, effort and money from unions – in the form of subscriptions, in order to effectively engage and bargain with employers. The employer's contribution towards the collective bargaining process is to facilitate and manage the collection and payments of trade union fees, thus financially affording the union the funds they [...]

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Who is an Employee?

The CCMA and Bargaining Councils do not have jurisdiction to entertain disputes by applicants who are not employees. A jurisdictional point may be raised by the employer that an applicant is not an employee and, if successful, would bring the dispute to an end. It is therefore very important for employers to know who exactly [...]

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To allow or not to allow the Trade Union access to the workplace?

Section 12 of the Labour Relations Act regulates the trade union’s access to the workplace as follows: Any office-bearer or official of a representative trade union is entitled to enter the employer's premises to recruit members or communicate with members, or otherwise serve members' interests. A representative trade union is entitled to hold meetings with [...]

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Overpayment of staff – What now?

In an imperfect world where mistakes and human miscalculations sometimes occur, it often happens that an employee receives a salary payment in excess of what is due to them. Employers may find themselves in a situation where a genuine mistake has been made resulting in employees receiving payment that they have not earned. This article [...]

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Progressive Discipline – Revisited

CEO last touched on this topic during March 2016 when an article was published.   We have, however, recently received an inquiry from one of South Africa’s largest clothing retailors on the subject, and as such, we felt a proper recap and expansion article might be in order.   Progressive discipline is a term that [...]

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Introduction to Organisational Rights through a magnifying glass

In Hospersa and Zuid- Afrikaanse Hospital 7 (unreported CCMA award, 3 February 1997) cited in Du Toit et al (2015) 250 and Van Niekerk et al (2015) 373 the power play between Employer and Employees is described as: “Organisational rights which make it possible for a trade union to build up, consolidate and maintain a [...]

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What is the role of the Commissioner when settling a matter at the CCMA?

The process of conciliation in respect of disputes is a mandatory process that seeks parties to a dispute to agree, on their own terms, as to how a dispute is to be settled. This tends to speed up the resolution of disputes, as parties do not have to wait 14 days for an award to [...]

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