Dear CEO Members,


Since the last update to the industry on 12 May 2020, the Council have been in constant engagement with the UIF requesting clarity on the bulk application submitted to UIF by the Council, especially relating to employers and employees that have not been paid.


The UIF has since confirmed the following:

3.1. The Council will not receive TERS monies because the UIF made payment to employers and in some instances to employees directly.

3.2. The spreadsheet from UIF provided to the Council is not updated, therefore employers requesting a status update on their respective applications must obtain the latest update from the UIF system by logging onto and registering.

3.3. Once the employer has registered on the UIF system, the attached “After Application Support COVID19 TERS” guidelines may be utilised to navigate through the system.

3.4. For any queries related to UIF TERS Benefits Application, you can email or contact the UIF call centre on 0800 030 007.


The Council further appeals with employers that have received money from UIF to pay Council the amount due for leave advancement for those employees who have applied for leave from Council because Council must credit leave days of such employees.


The employers must use the enclosed Council’s bank account to pay over the UIF money and submit supporting documentation for record and reconciliation purposes. Employers must use their normal levy when making the deposits into the bank account.


Please click here to view the full circular.


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CEO National Collective Bargaining Team