Now that we have concluded the standard processes of the CCMA, both informal and formal, both voluntary and statutory, we will be looking at what comes after the CCMA process has been completed and then, finally, what types of “out of the ordinary” processes/referrals one can encounter at the CCMA, in this, our 7th Compilation. For now, this will be our final compilation on the CCMA and its processes and referrals.

Please look out for the Compilations to follow, where we will be taking a more practical look at the recruitment and appointment process of employees and certain aspects that need to be in place during employment.

Just a friendly reminder that all CEO articles and Compilations can be accessed from our blog. As for this Compilation, we conclude our journey by looking at the different outcomes that could follow the CCMA process and what you, as the employer, can do about these outcomes. Employers have alternative remedies available in certain circumstances, but these will only become clear once the content and effect of the various outcomes are understood. We aim to provide that knowledge and understanding herein.

We then end by addressing specific processes that are not so common for your average CCMA attendance.

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the last few Compilations taking us through the CCMA and its processes and that it brings a sense of comfortability for our members and readers and a departure from the stigma it holds.