In our previous compilation, we explored the CCMA Dispute Referral, and the initial process employers will face when dealing with a dispute. In most instances, matters will be resolved during the conciliation process as this is the exact mandate of the CCMA, the speedy and efficient resolution of disputes. Commissioners are trained and encouraged to attempt to settle matters during the Conciliation process.

However, this is not always the case. Therefore, the Consolidated Employers Organisation goes further and addresses the “what then?” question in this, our 6th Compilation.

Up to this point in our journey, the process has been very informal and based on the quest for consensus between the parties. Now the process becomes more formal and complex.

In this compilation, we will focus on the necessary steps and processes that will occur once the parties have failed to reach a consensus and/or were unable to settle their dispute amicably.

CEO will take you on a journey where Con/Arb and Arbitration processes are canvased, and we will look at the required actions, attendance and preparation for these processes.

Download Compilation: CEO Compilation 6