With all indications from the President and senior Government officials that a move to COVID alert level 3 is imminent, optimism is running high. Many people are expectant that under alert level 3, there will be a significant reduction of the restrictions relating to the movement of persons or that their businesses will be permitted to operate or even that the sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will commence.


In due course, and when the details become clearer, we will publish articles that deal with the proposed changes as we move from alert level 4 to alert level 3. But for now, if just for a moment, we can let our imaginations run wild and compile our wish list of what we would like to see under alert level 3, the following 10 suggestions would definitely make our cut (please note that the article is intended to be light-hearted and we are not suggesting that any of the following will actually be permitted under alert level 3):


  • Open hair salons and personal grooming treatment activities – The environment is easy to control as far as social distancing is concerned, and the industry is largely made up of small businesses that need to start operating sooner rather than later;
  • Allow golf courses to operate. The sport lends itself to being able to comply with the strictest social distancing restrictions;
  • Allow pet grooming operations to commence. I’m sure our best friends need a little care and attention. They have no idea of what COVID19 is;
  • Selling of pre-prepared warm food. Apart from the restriction making no sense, many people have become reliant on purchasing pre-prepared hot meals;
  • Relaxing the restrictions relating to exercise. Well, they make no sense at all. Facemasks must continue to remain compulsory;
  • Access to public places, for example, beaches, parks and art galleries;
  • Allow routine car maintenance.
  • Permit guest houses to operate under strict conditions. Very few industries have drawn a shorter straw during the lockdown that the tourism industry. The sector needs a huge break. Let’s see smaller guest houses being allowed to operate as soon as possible;
  • Relax restrictions on retail sales. Opening retail to non-essential items as soon as possible and under strict conditions;
  • Allowing restaurants to operate.