On Sunday the 24th of May President Ramaphosa, much to the relief of the majority of South Africans, announced that as from the 01st of June 2020 the whole of South Africa would be moving to the next phase of the lockdown which is level 3. Level 3 sees a much larger portion of the economy re-opening and will see a vast number of workers returning to work as from the 01st of June. Consequently, the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) planned to address the country on the revised and updated regulations which would be in place during level 3. After being postponed twice this week, the NCCC at long last addressed the nation yesterday wherein the regulations pertaining to level 3 lockdown were outlined and clarified.


Before delving into the finer details of the announcements and to put most South Africans’ minds at ease is that the sale of liquor will be permitted for off-site consumption as from the 01st of June 2020. This, however, comes with a caveat in that the sale of liquor will only be permitted from Monday to Thursday during the hours of 09:00 to 17:00.


The regulations have been placed into different categories, and a summary of the most important points relating to each category follows below:



  • Where employees can work from home, especially employees 60 years and older and employees with co-morbidities, should do so.
  • Workplace meetings to be held with strict health, hygiene and social distancing of 1.5m. However, if meetings or gatherings can be held electronically, it should be done so.
  • Local government will operate almost at full operations.


Ports of Entry and Travel:

  • No interprovincial travel, except for travelling to funerals, essential services providers and travelling for work or school.
  • International borders remain closed except international travel to be stated by the Minister of Home Affairs.
  • Limited domestic travel will be allowed for work purposes.



Religious Gatherings:

  • Religious counselling is regarded as an essential service.
  • Sunday, the 31st of May 2020 a day of National Prayer to be held virtually or in our homes.
  • From the 01st of June 2020 religious gatherings are permitted under strict conditions.
  • Health, hygiene, screening, wearing of masks, washing of hands and 1.5 m social distancing is to be observed.
  • A maximum of 50 congregants may attend, and a record of all attendees are to be kept.



  • Attending of funerals is allowed, however, attendees should not exceed 50 people and only close family of the deceased can attend. Social distancing is always to be observed, and attendees must be in possession of Inter-provincial travel permit.
  • Places of onsite food, recreation, and entertainment (Restaurants, Shebeens, Taverns, Bars and Cinemas) will remain closed. However, food will be available for collection or delivery.
  • Hotels, Lodges, places of leisure will remain close with exceptions.


Movement and Exercise

  • The curfew has been lifted.
  • Wearing of cloth masks (in public facilities or outside of your home) is compulsory.
  • Exercising is permitted between 6am, and 6pm, however, exercise may not occur in groups, and social distancing must be observed.
  • No social public gatherings.
  • No public fitness centres to be in operation.


In addition to the above regulations, under level 3 supermarkets will now be allowed to sell cooked food but must make sure that proper health and safety protocols are always adhered to. Furthermore, domestic workers and gardeners will be allowed to return to work.


One of the key differences under the level 3 regulations is the fact that businesses no longer require an essential service permit to operate, except for those businesses which are still not allowed to operate as per page 15 of the published regulations.


Click here to view the full, published regulations.