From the sports fields of Gauteng to the corridors of CEO, Anesta Kruger’s journey is one marked by determination and resilience. Her early interest in biokinetics, fueled by her love for sports, laid the foundation for her understanding of discipline and strategy. However, recognising her strengths and passions lay elsewhere, Anesta made a strategic pivot to study B.Com. Law, a decision that would set the stage for her future successes. This ability to adapt and strategise has been a defining feature of Anesta’s career, particularly in her role at CEO, where she utilises her keen sense of strategy to advocate for employers and understand the intricacies of labour laws.

Anesta’s philosophy, shaped by her parents’ belief in hard work and persistence, has guided her through challenges and achievements alike. This philosophy not only defined her academic and professional choices but also her approach at CEO. Since joining the organisation in 2015, Anesta has dedicated herself to understanding and advocating for the needs of businesses, big and small, ensuring they not only survive but thrive through today’s various challenges. Her work is not just about defending employers but also about understanding the broader impact of labour issues on the economy and finding strategic solutions to these challenges.

Colleagues and friends describe Anesta as a pillar of strength, always ready to lend a hand and determined to succeed in whatever she sets her mind to. Her personal achievements, including competing in sports on an international level, highlight her tenacity and unwillingness to give up, even in the face of adversity.

Off the clock, Anesta’s world is filled with the joys of exploring the Western Cape’s stunning vistas with her family, indulging in the simple pleasures of chocolate (which she swears she couldn’t live without!), and unwinding to the tales of “Suits,” “Friends,” and “Firefly Lane.” Her love for sushi mirrors her appetite for life—diverse, vibrant, and endlessly enriching.

Anesta’s journey with CEO is not just about her role within the organisation but also about her impact on the labour market and her unwavering belief in the power of perseverance. Her narrative is a compelling reminder that success is not merely about overcoming challenges but about how we grow and what we learn along the way. As she continues to make her mark, Anesta’s legacy serves as an inspiration to all who believe in the transformative power of determination.