Leading employers’ organisation confirms Executive Director and National Manager positions in show of growth and innovation.

As strong indication of the extraordinary challenges and perils that industry in South Africa has had to endure over the past 24 months, leading labour player, CEO’s dispute resolution officials attended to close to 8 000 matters in 2021 alone. “Just like 2020, the year was dominated by staggered starts for various sectors and new labour challenges and threats – particularly for our own members – many of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises.” This is according to Annelien Breed, who was confirmed as the organisation’s Executive Director in 2019. “We have had to become creative and innovative in order to ensure that we remained at the top of our game for the sake of our members.”

Breed’s role is complemented by the appointment of Bloemfontein-based Jaundré Kruger as CEO’s new National Manager. “The Executive Director function is focused on the organisation’s vision, culture, and strategy. My aim is to ensure that CEO remains sustainable and gains and retains the competitive edge while balancing the needs of the organisation, the members, and the employees,” adds Breed. “Creating and maintaining sound business relationships with various role-players within the industry is critical.” Functioning within the framework of the Organisation’s Constitution, good corporate governance, and sound financial practices are vital, and as the Executive Director, the organisation’s direction is determined.

Kruger’s position as National Manager will require him to work closely with the Executive Director and to focus on the development of the team through training, recruitment, and talent retention. “Without a doubt, the CEO team boasts many highly skilled individuals who work around the clock to achieve a common goal in line with our vision,” confirms Kruger. “Being able to contribute to the success of our members actively brings great satisfaction. Our members are pivotal in the future success of the Organisation.”

Of the current labour challenges experienced by business owners, Kruger adds, “Members come to us when they are in dire straits. The employment relationship, especially the termination thereof, comes with immense emotional stress, and the most satisfying outcome when we work with employers is to see the relief when they realise that they have a team of legal professionals on their side during these times.”

The confirmed appointments will undoubtedly enable and bolster CEO’s corporate vision of becoming a pivotal role player within the labour arena, empowering employers to create and maintain sustainable businesses within the labour framework of South Africa, and offering high-quality service to employers at affordable rates.