Growing up in a close-knit neighbourhood where encouragement was a constant, Sharice was always propelled towards her goals, with her family being her steadfast supporters. She recalls, “Most people consider themselves lucky to have one person backing them. However, I consider myself the luckiest person, as I have my entire family backing me.”

Sharice’s early fascination with the legal TV programs she watched with her father served as inspiration for her career in law. Despite exploring other career paths, none resonated with her as profoundly as law. Her pursuit led her to UNISA, where she dedicated herself to obtaining her LLB, a goal she is immensely proud of having finally achieved.

Her career at CEO SA began with an opportunity she eagerly seized. Sharice finds immense satisfaction in the organisation’s vision of representing each member with unwavering commitment, a vision she fully supports and understands. In her role, Sharice leverages her passion for labour law, a field she grew to love unexpectedly during her studies.

Outside of work, Sharice enjoys curling up with a good book, watching movies, and savouring prawns in a lemon and butter sauce. Her favourite TV series, “Friends,” reflects her love for humour and light-hearted moments. Despite her outgoing nature, she values her quiet time, often spent engaging in community projects or looking for ways to pay good deeds forward.

Looking ahead, Sharice envisions herself excelling as a Dispute Resolution Officer in labour law. Her vision for the future is clear, driven by a blend of personal and professional aspirations. “My mom has been the strongest influence in my life because she has taught me that no matter how tough life gets, if we remain positive, we can weather any storm,” she reflects, embodying the resilience that defines her journey.

Sharice Naicker’s story at CEO SA is one of support, dedication, and a bright future shaped by resilience, passion, and an ever-present cup of tea to calm the nerves.