Dear CEO Members,


NBCRFLI has decided to extend the following temporary relief measures to assist the industry in minimising the impact of COVID 19 for the duration of the National Lockdown. The temporary relief measures are as follows:


  1. Holiday Pay Bonus Contributions and Wellness Fund Contributions

1.1. A company, which is not operating or partially operating due to the impact of the government lockdown regulations, will not be obliged to pay contributions to the Holiday Pay Bonus Fund. The suspension of Holiday Pay Bonus Contributions is only applicable to employees who are not working during the national lockdown period because of government lockdown regulations.


1.2. A company, which is not operating or partially operating due to the impact of the government lockdown regulations will still be required to contribute an amount equivalent to 2% per week of a non-working employee’s normal basic weekly wage for the purpose of contribution to Wellness Fund.


1.3. Should an employee not be required to work and be replaced by someone else including temporary employees during the lockdown period, such conduct will be regarded as non-compliance with the Main Collective Agreement, and as a result, affected employee or his representative has a right to report the matter to Council for enforcement.


  1. Relaxation of Restrictions/Requirements for Occasional Leave

The relaxation of restrictions/requirements for occasional leave will only be applicable for the duration of the nationwide lockdown.


  1. Electronic Exemption Applications

3.1. A company (non-operation/partial) which is in distress due to the lockdown will be allowed to submit an online application for exemption at this e-mail address:


3.2. Exemption applications must be able to demonstrate with supporting documents that they were not able to operate at all or not at full capacity due to the impact of government lockdown regulations and COVID 19.


3.3. Exemption applications must serve trade union(s) and its members with electronic exemption application documents even if required consultation with affected employees did not take place because such employees were not at work due to the lockdown. However, employees who are working during the national lockdown period must be consulted before the exemption application is lodged with the Independent Exemption Body.


3.4. Exemption applications related to the impact of COVID 19 will be prioritised, and the Independent Exemption Body will sit on a weekly basis to consider such exemption applications.


  1. Implementation of Short Time

4.1. Clause 64 of the Main Collective Agreement related to the implementation of short time is extended to the rest of the industry for the duration of the national lockdown provided that:


4.2 Short time is only implemented by an employer who is either not fully operating or partially operating during the national lockdown period due to the impact of COVID 19; and


4.3 For the purposes of this Circular short time means; “a temporary reduction in the number of ordinary hours of work owing to a shortage of goods to be transported as a result of the economic impact of COVID 19”.


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CEO Collective Bargaining Team