If you were to peek into Kgolo Mofokeng’s home on a cosy evening, you might find her snuggled on the couch with her son, sharing a bowl of popcorn and watching cartoons. For Kgolo, these movie nights are more than just a way to unwind—they are a cherished ritual that harks back to her own childhood. As she flips through channels, the memories of watching legal dramas like Law and Order, Boston Legal, and The Jury with her family come rushing back. Little did she know that these family TV sessions would be the seeds of a career that blends her love for justice with her nurturing spirit.

Growing up in Pretoria with her late grandmother, Kgolo was the eldest sibling, a role that came with its own set of responsibilities and a nurturing character. Her parents’ unwavering belief in the power of education and hard work shaped her values from a young age. Inspired by her mother and grandmother, both professional nurses who managed to balance their demanding careers with caring for family, Kgolo developed a deep-seated work ethic and a desire to lead and excel in all her pursuits.

Her childhood fascination with legal dramas was more than just idle TV-watching; it was a window into the world she aspired to enter. This early exposure to the legal field was a stark contrast to her day jobs in various industries, where she inevitably found herself gravitating towards legal roles. Her professional journey eventually led her to pursue an LLB at UNISA, where she discovered her passion for Labour Law and Insolvency Law.

In February 2023, Kgolo joined the Consolidated Employers’ Organisation (CEO), drawn by its dynamic growth and the supportive community she had witnessed at a farewell party for a former employee. The camaraderie among the staff and the organisation’s commitment to professionalism struck a chord with her, making CEO a perfect fit for her career ambitions.

Friends describe Kgolo as a dependable and kind-hearted person, always ready to offer a listening ear and a helping hand. Balancing her roles as a mother, a student, and a professional is no easy feat, but Kgolo takes pride in her ability to manage these responsibilities while aspiring for greater accomplishments. Her dedication to self-improvement, through activities like pilates or meditation, is a testament to her commitment to personal well-being amidst her busy schedule.

Beyond her professional life, Kgolo’s love for food—particularly burgers from street markets—and her enjoyment of binge-watching television shows reveal a fun and relatable side of her personality. Her favourite books, the Harry Potter series, and her admiration for Breaking Bad and Devil’s Advocate highlight her appreciation for engaging storytelling.

Looking ahead, Kgolo envisions a future where she makes a significant impact through her legal expertise, with her degree completed and her skills in high demand for arbitration. Her journey from a child watching legal dramas to a labour lawyer at CEO is a testament to her perseverance, passion, and the guiding light of her childhood dreams.