Dear Industry Members

The Labour Court has ruled that certain employers engaged in the Motor Component Manufacturing Sector are demarked to the Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) and not to the Metal Engineering Bargaining Council (MEIBC).  This is determined specifically by how an employer is engaged within the industries.  Please click here to view the judgment. The effect of this judgment, impacts on both the MIBCO and MEIBC scopes as contained in their respective constitutions.


The principle of fairness that has historically applied in demarcation disputes have been replaced with the principle of correctness, as to what industry an employer or business belongs to.  If your core business is relating to the processing/manufacturing of metals (for the purposes of an end product being a motor component) as an integral link or chain to the value system between the conception and delivery of a completed motor, you may have to register with the MIBCO and not the MEIBC.


To know for sure under which bargaining council your business should belong to, please contact CEO’s Collective Bargaining Department, if your business is engaged within the Motor Component Manufacturing sector and is registered with the MEIBC.


Queries / CEO Membership: For any queries of existing members, or enquiries on how to become a CEO member, please contact our head office at (012) 880 0294 or e-mail us at


Collective Bargaining Team