It’s not every day that you meet someone whose favourite book is a World War II biography and who unabashedly admits his Spotify playlist is a “disaster zone”. Meet CEO Dispute Resolution Official, Wesley Lazarus, a man whose journey from the East Rand in Gauteng to the complex world of labour law is as intriguing as his varied musical tastes.

Growing up in the East Rand, Wesley is quick to acknowledge the bedrock of his life – a supportive family. Despite his parents’ split before his birth, the fabric of his upbringing was sewn with love, support, and an undying bond. While many might point to influencers or mentors guiding their life paths, Wesley’s compass has always been the foundational support of his family, particularly his grandmother’s wisdom and the dual strengths of his father and stepfather.

After a year’s hiatus post-high school, Wesley’s road led him to the legal profession. But why labour law? Perhaps, in a way, it ties back to his favourite book, “A Helmet for My Pillow”, a raw narrative of brotherhood and perseverance during the tumultuous times of World War II. Wesley’s legal journey, while not in the trenches of war, is in the intricate battleground of employer-employee relationships, where every negotiation feels like a tactical operation and every success, hopefully, a win for both sides.

It’s evident that Wesley sees more than just the black-and-white of law. His concerns about South Africa’s socio-political landscape, employment attitudes, and the economy highlight a man deeply invested in the betterment of the nation. Yet, his humour shines through when asked about things he can’t live without. His answer? Coffee! And yes, he’s pretty convinced Will Farrell once said it was the “lifeblood of champions.”

Though he’s constantly in the legal grind, Wesley ensures he makes the most of his off-time. Living in regions rich with experiences, he’s embraced the full platter life offers—even if it sometimes argues with his cholesterol. A lover of curry at heart, whether Malay or Indian, it’s evident that Wesley loves a blend of rich flavours, a trait that seems to seep into his life’s choices too.

Perhaps the most candid and refreshing thing about Wesley is his earnestness. He’s not just “there”, as some might describe him. He’s present. He admits wanting to improve his social skills and recognises the importance of appreciating family when far from them. And as for his vision for the future? While his career aims remain steadfast, there’s a splash of colour he’s eager to add in the personal life sector.

In all, Wesley Lazarus isn’t just a labour lawyer. He’s a 90’s rock enthusiast, a World War II history aficionado, a coffee addict, a hopeful romantic, and a curry connoisseur. He’s a multi-dimensional man whose life, much like a curry, is a blend of rich experiences, fiery challenges, and a sprinkle of zest.