Dear CEO Members,

The industry circular dated 09 April 2020.

Kindly be advised that NBCRFLI is now allowing the submission of the second phase of UIF TERS applications. In this phase, NBCRFLI is considering UIF TERS applications for the 14 days of the national lockdown extended period of 17 April 2020 to 30 April 2020.

In order for NBCRFLI to be able to facilitate submission of claims to UIF for COVID-19 TERS benefits, each employer who wishes to apply for the extended period must confirm in writing to the NBCRFLI:

(a) that the temporary closure of its business operations is a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic;
(b) employer will immediately inform the UIF on the recommencement of its business operations that were subject to temporary closure;
(c) the employer is registered with the UIF;
(d) the employer has not individually entered into an MOA with the UIF.

PLEASE NOTE: Employers that have applied directly to the UIF for the first lockdown period must also submit their UIF TERS applications for the extended period directly to the UIF.

Employers are required to provide Council with the following supporting information:

(e) Employer UIF reference number
(f) Shutdown start date and Shutdown end date
(g) Employer must also provide details of employees no longer in employment, if any, who were part of the UIF TERS application for the first lockdown period.
(h) Employers who are identified as partial essential services must provide us with a list of affected employees.
(i) All outstanding banking details must be updated prior to UIF TERS application submission.

Kindly be advised that NBCRFLI will submit UIF TERS applications for the extended period of lockdown once payment for the first period of lockdown received from UIF and the reconciliation process has been finalised with the UIF for the first period of lockdown.

All documentation for this second phase of application must be submitted through the NBCRFLI’s E-Business online system by no later than Monday, 11 May 2020.

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