Even the seasoned employer will still have a slight shiver down their spine when confronted with a CCMA matter. It is, for most employers, a process that is daunting and unclear. No one prepares a budding entrepreneur for the trials and tribulations of starting a business, employee staff, making ends meet and least of all, being presented with a CCMA dispute.

Fear not, the Consolidated Employers Organisation is here to take you on an informative journey through the various documents, processes, sittings and, where possible, finer detail applicable when facing pending CCMA disputes. This journey is navigated by a team with specialised knowledge and a vast amount of experience in this very field.

In this Compilation, we will address the origin of the CCMA Dispute Referral and the initial process employers will face when dealing with a dispute. The CCMA process kicks off with the receipt of a referral form, in most cases the LRA form 7.11. This Compilation addresses this document, what it is, how to proceed upon receipt and what to look out for.

This Compilation then goes further and addresses the initial stage of the CCMA process, the well-known Conciliation. Conciliation is what was envisioned with the formation of the CCMA. A way for parties to resolve disputes amicably amongst themselves with the guided assistance of a Commissioner. We have addressed this process and provided guidance when this sitting is attended and the possible outcomes that may result.

Download Compilation: CEO Compilation 5