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Change my Mind | Tiaan Visagie

June 3rd, 2022|Meet the Team|

The American Debate League reports that students who actively participate in debate teams or activities are twice as likely to graduate High School as their peers who do not. In fact, it is shown that learning to debate and speak publicly reaps life-long benefits such as developing excellent oral and written communication skills, improved critical [...]

These are their stories | Tammy Barnard

May 19th, 2022|Meet the Team|

At the end of a demanding workday, Senior Dispute Resolution Official, Tammy Barnard likes nothing more than to kick back and watch an episode of the hit television series, Law & Order. “I watch them on repeat every evening, they never get old,” she declares. “As a teenager, I always enjoyed movies and series that [...]

The Game is Afoot | Shakti Jainarain

May 6th, 2022|Meet the Team|

He may not smoke a pipe or wear a deerstalker hat, but like the legendary literary detective, Shakti Jainarain is constantly exercising his perceptiveness and attention to detail, affinity for solving puzzles, advanced problem-solving proficiency, and relentless persistence in finding solutions to members’ issues. Indeed, Shakti’s sleuthing skills probably led him to his career and [...]

Changing of the Guard | Daniel van der Merwe

April 1st, 2022|Meet the Team|

The prestigious Selborne College in East London maintains an annual ceremony called ‘The Ceremony of the Key’ – a tradition that was begun in 1924 in honour of the sacrifices of South Africa’s soldiers in the two World Wars. Each year, a member of the incoming Matriculation Class is elected as the Custodian of the [...]

Life’s not just a toss of the Quoin | Jaundré Kruger

March 18th, 2022|Meet the Team|

In old architectural parlance – a quoin (pronounced coin), as both the structural cornerstone and the accentuation of a building's intersections, defines the space by visually outlining the geometry of the building as well as giving structural intent by strengthening the walls as height is added. The quoin is one of many structural elements that [...]


March 3rd, 2022|Meet the Team|

One of the most material philosophies of Japanese culture in the 15th Century was Neo-Confucianism, which stressed the importance of simplicity, morals, education and a hierarchical order in government and society. Consequently, any outward display of wealth or luxury was strictly forbidden. No fancy clothes, no flashy colours, no ostentatious patterns allowed! Naturally, the ban [...]

Take What the Trail Gives You | Wesley Field

February 4th, 2022|Meet the Team|

For CEO Provincial Manager for the Free State and Northern Cape, Wesley Field, his approach and attitude to trail running and hiking is echoed in his career and personal life. The accomplished runner has completed some of the continent’s most difficult trail runs, including SkyRun Zimbabwe and Ultra Trail Drakensberg – and he’s discovered that [...]


January 28th, 2022|Meet the Team|

Leading employers' organisation confirms Executive Director and National Manager positions in show of growth and innovation. As strong indication of the extraordinary challenges and perils that industry in South Africa has had to endure over the past 24 months, leading labour player, CEO's dispute resolution officials attended to close to 8 000 matters in 2021 alone. [...]

Never Look Back | Annelien Breed

January 21st, 2022|Meet the Team|

When CEO Executive Director, Annelien Breed sets her mind on something, be it a goal or an ambition, absolutely nothing gets in her way! Her husband, Douw, lightheartedly calls her a ‘force of nature’, yet anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with Annelien will attest to the fact that the world needs more [...]

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