Following the conclusion of the previous wage negotiations there were various matters that were deferred to be dealt with at a later stage. These matters have now come to the fore and CEO is requesting a mandate from our members on the below items:

  1. EBU 13th Cheque – Whether or not to increase the current EBU 13th Cheque threshold of R10 000 or less, that applies to the 1-week payment in December, to R11 000. Members are kindly requested to indicate whether they support the increase of the threshold or not by answering either yes or no in the mandate below. At this stage it appears that this would not have much of an impact as majority of employees who qualify for same would be close to the R11 000 mark as a consequence of the previous wage increase.
  2. EBU grading and remuneration exercise – With regards to the Extended Bargaining Unit in the Road Freight Council, surveys were conducted relating to the proposed minimum wages in the EBU Freight with regards to the various Patterson Job Grades.In respect of the ongoing dispute, Organised labour has proposed the following minimum weekly and monthly wages as follows:

    Patterson job grade        Weekly wage     Monthly wage 
    B2                                             R 2,366.90            R 10,248.68
    B3                                             R 2,655.14             R 11,496.76
    B4                                             R 3,163.87             R 13,699.56
    B5                                             R 3,508.21             R 15,190.55
    C1                                             R 3,852.55             R 16,681.54

    These proposals are based upon an industry survey conducted in June 2022, since then however there has also been an across-the-board increase in the wages for EBU. At this stage labour’s demands revolve around the 50th percentile as can be seen in the following survey here (the increase of 2023 has not been added to same yet). A copy of labour’s demands are available here for reference as well. Other employer organisations and employers in the industry are at this stage more inclined to align minimum salaries for the differing grades with the 25th percentile which can also be seen in the attached survey. Kindly indicate your agreement with aligning to the 25th percentile by completing the mandate below.

In the event that no positive mandate is received on the above items, CEO will not agree to the demands. Members need to be aware that this may then lead to organised labour embarking on industrial action.