The Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) has released its draft SMME funding policy for public comment [download here].

While the funding policy is rather lengthy in terms of its content, the overarching premise of the funding policy is in identifying certain interventions to facilitate or bolster the access to funding for SMMEs. These proposed interventions can be read on pages 33 to 40 of the policy.

Consequently, CEO is requesting any commentary and input on the proposed funding policy from our members, which they would wish to bring to the attention of the DSBD. From a CEO perspective, we will be delivering commentary to the effect of proposing that CEO and other similar organisations are included in the various processes proposed in the plan.

Seeing that CEO largely represents SMMEs and their interests, we are acutely aware of the challenges such enterprises face and know that it would be prudent to ensure that CEO is actively involved with the DSBD when implementing the proposed plan.