The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented collapse in employment, leading to one of the worst job crises since the Great Depression. Companies are recovering from the pandemic’s hardships, which will feature a return to normal job-seeking patterns in 2022. This was confirmed by Saongroup Africa, one of the most successful online recruitment agencies in South Africa. In their latest report, based on comprehensive data gathered, the hiring activity has increased by 23% in the last year with a further positive trajectory of 6% over the past month.

Advertising a vacancy may seem like a simple task, but to have a focused and successful hiring process, one must ensure that the advertisement is well drafted to target and attract the perfect candidates.   The advertisement is not only for the applicant but also for the company to find the best-suited candidate. Applicants know what they are looking for when embarking on their job hunt journey. This is the same for the company, which requires a certain role and responsibilities the future employee must fulfil. A properly defined role will improve work efficiency, which is the ultimate goal for the company. Companies must ensure that the advertisement reaches a wide range of candidates. This means that the advertisement must be posted on different career sites, social media, and local media. The person who drafts the advertisement must ensure that it is prepared in such a manner that it convinces qualified candidates to apply for the vacant position. Following a specific structure will ensure that all the necessary information is captured.

The following must be included:

1. Job title
The title must be clear, concise and straight to the point.

2. Location
The exact location, office address or area where the duties will be performed must be clearly indicated. This will avoid a situation where candidates who do not reside within the area will apply for the position advertised.

3. Duties and responsibilities
A set-out list of duties and responsibilities must be included to enable the candidate to cross-reference with their own experience.

4. Requirements
The qualifications related to education, previous experiences and/or specific skills must be listed. Advise the applicants to attach certified copies of their qualifications to their resumes.

5. Company benefits
It is essential to list all the benefits and allowances the successful candidate will be afforded.

6. Company vision and culture
Include the company’s vision and culture to give a sense of the environment of the company.

7. Applying instructions and unsuccessful applications
The applicant must know where and when to apply for the position as advertised. It is also advisable to include the time frames and process after the application closure date and the commencement date if the application is successful. Feedback should be provided to the applicant if the application was unsuccessful to enable the applicant to apply for other vacant positions.

8. Company Website
Ensure that the Website is always up to date. Applicants will visit the site to gather information on the advertised post and get an overall sense of the company.

With the guided structure above, the company will have a well-drafted and informed advertisement and attract the perfect candidates to possibly fill the vacant position. Once you have candidates shortlisted and conducted interviews, make sure to apply due diligence. Contact the references, follow through with criminal background checks if necessary, and confirm qualifications. The best candidate will ensure a successful work environment and add valuable contributions to the company.

Article by: Lemé Stander
Dispute Resolution Official – CEO Pretoria