Making your way in the world today

Takes everything you’ve got

Taking a break from all your worries

Sure would help a lot

Wouldn’t you like to get away?

  • Cheers TV Theme Song

Healthy friendships and unconditional relationships can enrich your life in many ways. Good friends teach you about yourself and challenge you to be better. They encourage you to keep going when times get tough and celebrate your successes with you. And friends do a lot more than give you a shoulder to cry on; they also have a positive impact on your health. Some research suggests that friendships are just as important to your well-being as eating right and exercising.

CEO Administrator, Anerike Faasen, would be the first to raise her hand and testify about the benefits of healthy friendships, both personally and professionally. “Without my mom’s amazing encouragement and late-night chats, I would not be the person I am today,” she begins. “I was blessed to attend schools in Bloemfontein, where I had the most unforgettable school years and made incredible forever-friends. Then, along came my amazingly supportive fiancé, who has taught me that everything comes at the right time. Through 4 years of a long-distance relationship, he still pushes me to try something new and take chances. He is an example that through hard work and determination, nobody can stop you.”

Anerike found acceptance and friendship at work too. “I love to be in the office – to help others has always been a great passion of mine, and lucky for me, helping in the office with printing, opening files, and bundles are my favourite part of the day.” Her colleagues say that she comes across as shy and reserved at times but that the more time one spends around her, she “instantly turns into a talking potato!” They all agree that her attitude of care and concern perfectly complements the aim of CEO – that of being a supportive ally to all members.

Anerike relays the amusing story of how she started at CEO. At the interview with now-National Manager, Jaundré Kruger, she says she felt quite intimidated; “That tall man asking questions I had never heard before – keep in mind this was my very first interview as I was only 18 years old.” On returning to the car, she turned to her Mom. “That was bad!”

Still, a few days later, she got a call again from Jaundré and accepted his offer of employment. “CEO has a vision that is hard for me to describe in words. All I can say is that CEO is not just another organisation. It’s a place where strangers become friends.” She adds that, “In today’s economy, there are so many uncertainties when it comes to owning a business – our members count on us to work with them through those uncertainties and challenges with them, and to help where help is needed.”

Anerike’s always thinking about others. “As we carry on into this year, I want to make more time for the people I love. I do not always keep it in mind, but time goes by so fast, and not every day is a given,” she says. She even relates the thing she absolutely cannot live without, to others. “My phone! Every morning I’m reminded of my Mom’s words that everyone is only one phone call away. So, we should take time to reach out to at least one new person on our list every day.”

Life is tough, whether you’re a private individual or a business owner. But it’s a whole lot easier when you know you can share your troubles with someone who knows your name – like Anerike or CEO!