Dear CEO Members


The Department of Labour released a media statement on 9 April regarding information relating to the UIF.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund has relaxed adherence to its processes by allowing claims to be paid without mandatory source documents for those clients who are already receiving payment benefits from the Fund.


Clients who are receiving unemployment insurance benefits are normally expected to go to Labour Centres on a monthly basis to sign a continuation form, which serves as proof that the person is still unemployed.


To avoid movement and reduce contact, persons will be contacted via short message service (sms) functionality for them to confirm unemployment status and banking details. The sms functionality will only be implemented in the lockdown period.


New claims applications for normal UIF benefits such as unemployment (reduced work time), maternity, illness, adoption, and parental can be sent either by email or fax to:

Province Email Fax to email
Gauteng 086 439 7295
KZN 086 439 7296
Eastern Cape 086 439 7299
Western Cape 086 439 7300
Western Cap 086 439 7301
North West 086 439 7302
Limpopo 086 439 7303
Mpumalanga 086 439 7304
Free State 086 439 7305
Gauteng 086 439 7306
KZN 086 439 7297
Eastern Cape 086 439 7298
Northern Cape 086 439 7309
Gauteng 086 439 7294
Gauteng 086 439 7290


Claims applications can also be done online at, the Guide to Electronic Claims is available on


Employers who are unable to pay the full salaries of workers during the lockdown period can apply for the Covid19 Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme (Covid19TERS). Employers are advised to send their applications to


CEO National Collective Bargaining Team