At the heart of Cape Town’s bustling Northern Suburbs lies a universe filled with the love of family, the allure of the legal profession, and, of course, an affection for “The Big Bang Theory”. In this universe is a shining star – Jasmyne Cloete, CEO’s unassuming yet passionate administrator, whose journey from the classroom to the boardroom, has elements as delightful and intriguing as an episode of her favourite TV series.

Much like Sheldon’s love for the intricacies of quantum physics, Jasmyne’s childhood in the Northern Suburbs was marked by the intricate dynamics of a close-knit family. As the second youngest of four siblings, and surrounded by three sisters, her life was a blend of heartwarming chaos and constant support. Undoubtedly, her parents are the Penny and Leonard of her story, instilling in her the values of hard work, kindness, and resilience from a young age. Their influence was such that, much like the gravitational forces in space, Jasmyne naturally gravitated towards a career that let her serve and interact with people.

The corridors of CEO, where Jasmyne found herself in 2018, might not resemble the Caltech canteen, but they are undoubtedly filled with conversations about the challenges employers face today. From technological evolution to the financial status of companies and the ever-present skills shortage, the world of labour law is continuously evolving. But much like the idiosyncratic scientists from “The Big Bang Theory”, what sets CEO apart, according to Jasmyne, is the stellar service they provide.

Ask her friends, and they’ll probably tell you she’s the kind of person you want on your team when playing Trivial Pursuit: loyal, friendly, and with a hearty appreciation for small victories. If you ever catch her outside the ambit of work and family, she might be lost in a YouTube rabbit hole, baking something scrumptious or basking in the pure joy that comes from spending time with her two-year-old son.

In another universe, maybe she’d have dived into the realm of real estate or travelled more extensively with her husband and son, collecting memories like Sheldon collects comic books. But in this one, while she might occasionally want to knock procrastination on its head (Three knocks, obviously. Procrastination? Procrastination? Procrastination?), she’s fiercely proud of her journey and the life she’s built.

In the end, whether she’s channelling her inner Sheldon Cooper to tackle a challenge or enjoying a butter chicken much like Howard Wolowitz savours his mother’s brisket, Jasmyne’s life is a testament to the beauty that arises when worlds – of family, passion and quirks – collide.