Picketing and picketing rules

What is it? A picket is a demonstration designed to pressure an employer by encouraging the general public to the reason for the strike and to mobilise support for the strikers' cause.   Where does the right come from? The right to picket derives from Section 17 of the Constitution.  This constitutional right can only [...]

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Picketing Rules

Prior to the amendment of Section 69 of the Labour Relations Act, the CCMA had the power to issue a strike certificate, effectively authorising a protected strike, without the establishment of Picketing Rules.   This caused uncertainty on the part of the employer, and the amendments seek to ensure that defined parameters are established within [...]

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The Right to Picket

In the past, once parties reached a deadlock at the CCMA in terms of a section 64 dispute, a certificate to go on strike was issued.  Either party to the dispute would have to refer a further dispute to the CCMA for assistance in establishing picketing rules.  This has now changed with the new amendments [...]

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