Tenielle Patrick’s life could easily be the plot of an exciting TV series – a dedicated lawyer passionately advocating for CEO members by day, and an ardent fan of end-of-the-world dramas with vampires and zombies by night. Raised in the sun-soaked city of Durban, Tenielle’s story is as inspiring as it is delightful.

In a family that celebrated every occasion with rehearsed dances as the main attraction, Tenielle was instilled with a fervour for life, a hard-working ethos, and an appreciation for opportunities that come her way. These lessons, imparted by her parents, have powered her impressive journey through the corridors of labour law.

Her academic prowess took root at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she bagged an LLB before becoming an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2013. Her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; she is presently studying for a postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Law. Tenielle’s mantra is simple – one can never be too old to learn and can never know everything.

With her mother’s independence and a feminist streak fuelling her adult life, Tenielle transitioned from a corporate environment to a more litigation-focused role. Enter CEO, an organisation that nurtures her passion for labour law and resonates with her belief in equal rights for employers and employees. Tenielle feels at home in the dynamic culture of CEO, and with the difference she’s making, she doesn’t feel like she’s working at all.

Friends describe Tenielle as a loyal confidant, albeit a bit too focused at times. They’d probably suggest she should relax more. But how could she, when there’s so much to achieve? Tenielle is proud of her academic accomplishments and her admission to the bar, and she wouldn’t change a thing about her journey. She is exactly where she’s meant to be.

That’s not to say Tenielle isn’t without her ambitions for self-improvement. With her love for 90s music, vampires and zombie TV series, she realises that she spends too much time in front of screens. So, her next challenge? Improving her fitness level and working on her summer body.

Tenielle’s vision of the future is as bright as her personality. She sees herself climbing the ranks in the organisation and having three more children. She finds relaxation in weekend trips to home improvement stores and nurseries, and if you’re ever looking to treat her, remember that Chinese and Thai food are her favourites.

Tenielle Patrick is more than just a Dispute Resolution Official at CEO. She is a woman of strength, determination, and an unparalleled passion for law and life. So, here’s to Tenielle, the labour law official who proves that you can be a serious professional and still be the life of the party – even if that party involves some vampires and zombies!