In the bustling streets of Newcastle, KZN, there was a household of six where young Zothani Maseko learned not just his ABCs, but the ABCs of life too. Thanks to teacher parents, there was love aplenty, but also lessons in ethics, morality, and the art of setting goals. The Maseko household’s core value? Character. Not the ones you see on TV, but the ones you build within.

Enter: the world of sports and pop culture. Basketball legend Kobe Bryant was one of Zothani’s idols. It wasn’t just the way Kobe manoeuvred the basketball court; it was the determination, the dedication, the never-back-down attitude that Zothani admired. Mixed in with the wisdom of Dr. Jordan Peterson and the spiritual guidance of Bishop Jenkins and Dr. Tony Evans, Zothani’s inspiration board was a diverse and powerful one.

So, how does one go from adoring Kobe’s slam dunks to the realm of labour law? Enter stage left: Claire Turner and Senior Shakti. It was during an interview, that Zothani felt the magnetic pull. It wasn’t about academic accolades; it was about character and personality.

CEO became Zothani’s arena. It wasn’t just another employer organisation to him; CEO was personal. It’s where he found a group that truly cares for the companies they represent. Zothani’s belief? If other organisations were half as in touch with their members and employees as CEO, the corporate world would be a much better place.

And as Zothani dives deep into the intricacies of labour, with every case and member, he’s reminded of a basketball game. It’s about strategy, about understanding the other player, and most importantly, about playing with integrity.

Friends describe Zothani as classy, laid-back, and kind of funny (hey, comedy is subjective!). And when he’s not poring over legal documents or indulging in a game of basketball in his mind, you’ll find him munching on Debonairs pizza, sipping tea, and laughing at comedy series.

What’s on his playlist? A mix of Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz. But the crown jewel of his collection? The Bible. For Zothani, God is his anchor, his steadfast guide.

Looking ahead, Zothani envisions tranquillity, happiness, and making a difference in his community. And as the evening dawns and he wraps up another day at CEO, in the quiet moments, he might just wonder, what if Kobe had tried out labour law? One thing’s for sure, in Zothani’s version of the game, he’s slam-dunking every case!

So, the next time you’re biting into a slice of pizza, remember: life’s a game, and players like Zothani are making it worth watching.