The last year has seen alarming levels of qualification fraud in South Africa.  Business in South Africa is the primary victim of such conduct.  Financial loss, expensive legal battles and damage to your business’ reputation or brand, but to name a few, are what businesses face daily.


The National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill which was published for comment in November 2016 seeks transparency in this regard.  The Bill aims to make it compulsory for employers to refer their employees’ qualifications for validation and verification to the South African Qualifications Authority.  According to the Bill, employers will be required to obtain signed acknowledgment forms from the supposed qualification holder and in the event of false qualifications, be obligated to report it. We may see background checking / screening becoming compulsory for employers in the near future.


For the full report please see the following link:—what-about-other-offences-2017-01-23


Article by: Johann Preiss

CEO National Collective Bargaining Co-ordinator