Dear CEO Members,

The NBCRFLI’S previous industry circulars issued regarding UIF benefits refers.

The Council has been receiving queries from the industry members regarding the status of their UIF applications submitted through Council. NBCRFLI advised that they submitted the bulk applications to UIF on behalf of the industry employers during the week of the 27th of April 2020 considering that the deadline for submission of documents for UIF applications was extended from Friday, the 17th of April 2020 to Friday the 24th of April 2020.

The Council has since received feedback from UIF on Monday, the 11th of May 2020 whereby they provided the report in the form of a spreadsheet, same is being analysed as discrepancies are present.

The discrepancies from UIF are as follows:
1. A spreadsheet shows that bulk of the UIF monies has been paid/will be paid directly to the industry employers.
2. A spreadsheet also indicates that a portion of the UIF money has been paid/will be paid directly to certain employees even though Council expected the money to be paid to Council’s bank account for distribution to relevant employees.
3. UIF rejected some of the claims submitted due to “Incorrect banking details” specifically for foreign nationals.
4. UIF also rejected some of the claims due to the following reasons:
· Employee not declared by the employer;
· Applicant has an active claim with the UIF;
· Some of the employees are deceased;
· Average salary from an employer not found; and
· ID numbers not found for foreign nationals

The Council is engaging UIF on an urgent basis with an intention to reconcile the Council spreadsheet with the one received from UIF and also to address queries raised by UIF. In the interim, Council will pay the UIF money to those employees with no discrepancies as soon as UIF deposits the money into the Council’s bank account.

The Council will pay over the money received from UIF to affected employees or credit an annual leave contributions for those employees who applied for leave advancement from Council.

NBCRFLI appeals to those employers who have received the UIF money directly to pay it over to the relevant employees as soon as possible and submit proof of payment to the UIF as required.

To view the full circular dated 12 May 2020, click here.

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CEO National Collective Bargaining Team