Dear Industry Members

The Plastic Sector is enduring a strike since the 15th of October 2018, despite parties successfully concluding a collective agreement for plastic employers in the Plastic Negotiating Forum (PNF) on 17 June 2017.

Please click here to view the current PNF Agreement.


Up to date, all negotiations have broken down between NUMSA and MEWUSA.  Employers in the industry made it abundantly clear that they will only reinstitute talks between the unions if the unions undertake to stop the violence, intimidation and damage to property, that this strike has been known by.


In preparation of such a meeting and in an attempt to end this industrial action, during the busy season of plastic employers, CEO requests its members’ mandate whether or not to support the following proposed Collective Settlement Agreement.

Please click here to view the new proposed Collective Settlement Agreement.


CEO is of the opinion that the proposed Collective Settlement Agreement may bring an end to the industrial action and allow plastic employers to continue uninterruptedly with their business.


Please furnish us with the necessary mandate to support the new proposed Collective Settlement Agreement by replying “Yes” to this e-mail.


If you are not in favour of this proposed Collective Settlement Agreement, please reply “No” to this e-mail.


Member(s) kindly respond by close of business tomorrow 09 November 2018If CEO does not receive any feedback, CEO assumes to have the necessary permission to enter into this Collective Settlement Agreement on behalf of plastic industry members.


National Collective Bargaining Team


Queries / CEO Membership: For any queries of existing members, or enquiries on how to become a CEO member, please contact our head office at (012) 880 0294 or e-mail us at