In old architectural parlance – a quoin (pronounced coin), as both the structural cornerstone and the accentuation of a building’s intersections, defines the space by visually outlining the geometry of the building as well as giving structural intent by strengthening the walls as height is added. The quoin is one of many structural elements that CEO National Manager, Jaundré Kruger would have been familiar with while helping at his father’s construction company in Bloemfontein. “My father first worked as a machine programmer and then started his own construction enterprise in 1993, which is still in operation today,” says Jaundré. “He taught me that in business, you, and you alone, control the brand you put out there. He also taught me to make sure something is done right so that you can look back and be proud of it.”

Jaundré grew up in Bloemfontein, where he attended Grey College and Sentraal High School. “My sister was born when I was six, we are a really close-knit family. My mom worked in the financial sector (Wesbank) for her entire career until she retired in 2020.” Jaundré has always been a keen sportsman and excelled in cricket. He’s obviously successfully applied the principles of structure and leadership to his cricket endeavours because he recently captained and led the Free State O/35 Action Cricket Team to the silver medal spot at the Inter-Provincial Tournament. “My father always told me that, in life, business and sport, the risk versus reward balance should guide my choices. He taught me to love sport, to love my teammates and to respect the game.”

Jaundré’s path to a career in law was no coin toss or flip of a bat either. “I was always drawn to law. And in my studies, I found Labour Law interesting and exciting as it’s a field of law that is constantly changing as times go on. I have always been a good public speaker and enjoyed the analytical approach one needs to take in this sphere of law,” he adds. More recently, his focus has shifted to management – as CEO’s National Manager – rather than labour law practice. He is currently completing a post-graduate diploma in business administration. Jaundré joined CEO in 2015 and quickly rose through the ranks. “What I like about the organisation is that it aims to improve the labour sphere as a whole.” Like the structural stones in his father’s buildings, CEO meets at the intersection of the labour structure by acting as a representative to various employers, while also approaching the industry in such a manner that they hope will develop and improve it. “CEO further invests in their employees to ensure that they are upskilled during their employment with CEO. We believe that an individual that leaves CEO will be prepared and able to deal with any dilemma that arises in their profession.”

Jaundré’s colleagues describe him as loyal, fun, outgoing and a straight shooter. “My mother taught me loyalty – not just loyalty to others but loyalty to myself,” he explains. “She always said that being the best you, is the best you you can be.” Jaundré leaves nothing to chance and is constantly trying hard to be his best self, whether he’s participating in sport, helping the members or staff of CEO, or relaxing with his beautiful wife, precious daughter and family around a braai. “If I could change anything I would probably have travelled more. For the rest, I am very content with where I am in my life, both personally and professionally.” Solid!