In the heart of Durban, a city boy with a wild heart named Krian Rathinam grew up with a love for the outdoors, wildlife, and, most importantly, his close-knit family. Schooled at Durban High and polished at UKZN, Krian carries the spirit of both his city and his mentors wherever he goes.

But who exactly were these mentors? Well, Krian’s father schooled him in the art of commitment, courage, and competence. If you wonder where he got his tireless drive from, look no further! On the other hand, his mother was the beacon of effective communication, collaboration, and, above all, creativity. Through her, Krian learned the golden rule of caring for everyone.

Now, here’s a little insight: The world of labour law, for Krian, isn’t just about black and white text. It’s a theatre, a grand show, and guess who’s the leading actor? That’s right, our very own Krian! For him, it’s all about weaving influence to convince judges and commissioners of the story he’s telling.

After spotting a certain online ad, Krian was drawn to CEO. It wasn’t just the job description that caught his eye, but the authentic ethos of the company that made him say, “This is it!” Now, what makes CEO stand out? Well, in Krian’s words, they’re the shield, the guardians for employers in a landscape that can sometimes tilt in favour of employees.

Ask his friends, and they’ll likely say Krian is as confident as he is humble. And while he doesn’t dwell on past accomplishments, he proudly notes his “stunner” of a wife hasn’t traded him in for a newer model. Now if that isn’t an achievement, what is?

Despite his intense legal battles, Krian’s vision for the future is heart-warmingly simple: A heated FIFA match on PS5 with his son, Daniel, with the aroma of their favourite meal being prepared by his beloved wife in the background.

And when he’s not in legal battle mode? He’s diving deep into “The Hobbit”, reliving the epic scenes from “Braveheart”, or grooving to tunes ranging from the Beatles to Bruno Mars. Lasagne, if you’re wondering, is his ultimate comfort dish.

In essence, whether he’s championing for the rights of employers or mastering the joystick controls with his son, Krian Rathinam is living proof that it’s possible to be a fierce labour lawyer by day, and a FIFA aficionado by night. Cheers to more goals, both in court and on the console!