• LL.B Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Management (Business School)
  • Admitted Attorney

Telephone: 012 880 0294
Mobile: 076 157 5742
E-mail: tiaan.visagie@ceosa.org.za

I have substantial practical experience, and my most prominent personal qualities include responsibility, consulting, motivation, and leadership. I am an ambitious and energetic person with a passion to make a difference, always eager to learn, and not afraid to initiate change. I am a confident, self-reliant, individual who naturally wants to take the lead. I am driven by challenges and naturally follow rules.

I believe in strong moral values and that a balanced life is important for family, personal, and career success. I am a team player with a noticeable willingness to work hard and a burning ambition to succeed. I want to develop in the legal profession in an exceptional manner, working hard to reach goals, and be driven to succeed in all aspects of life.

My career objective is to secure a position in the legal field and translate my theoretical knowledge into practical actions.