The much-publicised amendments to the Employment Equity Act that relate to the Minister of Employment & Labour’s setting of sector employment equity targets, are envisaged to come into effect later this year. To this end, the Minister, following consultation with various stakeholders and constituencies, has published the draft sector employment equity targets for public comment. The draft proposed targets can be viewed here. These draft targets will apply to designated employers. Designated employers are those employers who employ 50 or more persons and are therefore forced to comply with the proposed sector targets within the relevant timeframe given.

Since the draft proposed targets are likely to have a profound impact upon many an employer in South Africa, CEO will be delivering comment on the proposed sector targets with the main focus pertaining to the perceived lack of consultation with various stakeholders and constituencies. However, commentary from our members is being sought as to their opinions or input on the proposed targets. It is imperative for our members to take note of these targets, especially those who are designated employers, as not reaching these targets could result in adverse outcomes in due course. CEO therefore strongly encourages our members to have their say by completing the short survey below.

Please note that your commentary may be used directly as an annexure to the commentary that CEO delivers to the Minister of Employment & Labour. Members also please take note that CEO will require commentary from our members by no later than 07 July 2023