Following the seat allocation dispute being settled, the BCCEI has moved with much haste to arrange for the wage negotiations to take place seeing as the wage agreement and conditions of employment agreement will be coming to an end as at 31 August 2024.

In this regard, seeing as the BCCEI is looking to schedule the first meeting of the negotiations, that being the pre-bargaining conference as well as exchanging of demands for the 10th of July 2024, an urgent meeting with our members is needed to discuss the way forward.

To this end, a virtual (Teams) meeting will be arranged for Wednesday 03rd July 2024 at 16h00 to discuss the way forward in relation to the negotiations.

While we acknowledge this is short notice, given the pressing nature of the matter at hand, we encourage all members to attend said meeting. Kindly complete the form below to indicate your attendance of the meeting. A meeting invite will be sent tomorrow afternoon before the meeting commences.