Information gathering is probably the most time-consuming and crucial responsibility of the company representative at an Arbitration. The success of the case will largely depend on the preparation in anticipation of the Arbitration.

More often than not, inexperienced representatives are under the impression that their responsibility starts and ends on the day of the Arbitration. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Arbitration, in actual fact, only makes out a fraction of the responsibility in acquiring a successful outcome. The bulk of the responsibility lies in the preparation of the case before the Arbitration commences.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: ‘’By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’’

Preparation, in this instance, starts with the person tasked with representing the employer party having a clear understanding of what happened on the day of the transgression, the day of the disciplinary hearing, and the statutory requirements for dealing with misconduct in the workplace. Only once the individual understands the whole procedure will they be able to address the case and formulate a strategy.

To address the case and formulate a strategy, the representative will need to thoroughly understand the types of evidence and how to present this evidence appropriately. In this issue of our compendium, we will be addressing just that.

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