Welcome to the first issue of CEO Compilations – a collection of relevant articles dealing with some of the general processes that may be encountered at the various labour forums, as well as what can be expected before, at and after the CCMA and bargaining councils. In each subsequent issue of this journal, we’ll highlight other forum aspects and relevant changes in legislation or labour policy.

In today’s pandemic-altered world, managing your business requires far more skill than usual. Juggling unpredictable aspects of finance, planning and labour relations are hard enough, but finding yourself in unfamiliar territory – like the CCMA or Bargaining Councils – can be even more daunting.

Fortunately, facing this unchartered terrain does not have to be an anxious experience when you have trusted legal experts on your side. The Consolidated Employers Organisation (CEO) is a well-established Employer Organisation, registered in terms of the Labour Relations Act since 1998, that has an automatic right of appearance at the various forums. We represent more than 18 000 members nationwide – across a wide range of industries – and in all forums. CEO is also a party to no less than five Bargaining Councils, giving our members the platform to be heard. We have branches conveniently located nationwide and our experienced and knowledgeable dispute resolution officials will ensure that you never have to face any matter alone. Your voice will be heard!

CEO is genuinely the ‘Voice for Employers’ – an Organisation that honours its mission and vision. I am incredibly proud to be associated with this esteemed Organisation. We’ve added our contact details at the end of this compilation, and we encourage you to contact our team at any time for more information or assistance.

Download Compendium: CEO Compilation 1 (PDF | 8 Mb)