As from the 1st August 2020, the CCMA will implement an amended directive which serves to regulate public access to the CCMA, the manner in which it conducts its statutory dispute resolution function and the services it renders to the public.


Some of the important amendments include:

  1. Referral of disputes

Parties are not permitted to visit any CCMA office for purposes of making enquiries, submitting or collecting referral forms, or dropping off referral forms and any other related documents. Parties are encouraged to use electronic mail, facsimile, registered mail or through the newly developed online referral platform.


  1. Submission of arbitration awards or rulings

CCMA to submit copies via electronic mail or post. Should a party wish to collect a hard copy of the award, prior permission must be obtained from the provincial office where the matter was referred.


  1. Hearing of disputes, facilitating large scale retrenchments

All new cases, other than the ones that have already been scheduled, will be undertaken through one of the following means:

  • Digital online platforms that are to the satisfaction of the CCMA;
  • Suitable external forums;
  • At the CCMA;
  • Preference will be given to telephonic conciliations.


Should either party refuse to have the dispute heard through a digital platform or external venue,  reasons for such refusal must be given through to the CCMA in writing whom will decide on the appropriate means through which the hearing will proceed.


Please click here to view the full amended CCMA directive.