In the heart of the Free State, on a farm bustling with life and lessons, Christie de Villiers began her journey. Raised in a close-knit, disciplined family, Christie’s childhood was peppered with valuable life lessons from her wise and patient father and loving mother. Today, she stands as a testament to the importance of patience, careful thinking, and the pursuit of happiness – both in a courtroom and in life.

Christie’s path to becoming a labour lawyer was not a straight line but a series of meaningful events and choices. Her love for problem-solving led her to study law at North-West University, a decision that would shape her future in ways she never imagined. Her journey through legal studies, while working full-time, is a narrative of resilience and dedication.

Joining CEO wasn’t just a career move for Christie; it was a perfect fit. Here, she found an organisation that isn’t just about sitting behind desks but actively representing employers at the CCMA. CEO’s vision and structure resonated with her, especially the leadership style that she describes as more leading than bossing – a refreshing change in the corporate world.

Christie’s role at CEO is crucial. In a time where employers face challenges from demanding employees and a pressing economy, exacerbated by the pandemic, CEO stands as a voice for them, much like unions do for employees. Christie, with her friendly demeanour and willingness to help, fits right into this role, advocating for balance and fairness.

But who is Christie when she’s not donning her legal ‘cape’? She’s a lover of good pizza, an avid reader of ‘The Power of the Habit’, and a fan of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ – a movie that mirrors her own pursuit in life. Her off time is spent unwinding with friends and family, perhaps with a slice of pizza in hand, reflecting her simple yet profound joys in life.

Christie’s vision for the future is a serene one. She imagines herself sitting on the porch of her 4-bedroom house, a symbol of her hard-earned success, sipping coffee (something she can never do without), and looking back at a life well-lived.

Her story, “A Slice of Happiness,” is more than just about her career as a labour lawyer. It’s about finding joy in the simple things – a slice of pizza, a good book, the laughter of loved ones, and the satisfaction of a job well done. Christie de Villiers’ story inspires us to find our slice of happiness, wherever we may be.