In the heart of Bloemfontein’s suburbs, Brandon Hartel embarked on a journey that would lead him from the familiar lanes of his childhood to the bustling streets of Gauteng. Growing up in a loving, tight-knit family, Brandon’s life was framed by the values of dedication, selflessness, and the importance of staying connected. His story is not just about climbing the professional ladder but about the bonds formed and the lives touched along the way.

Brandon’s journey into law was not born out of a childhood dream but from a place of uncertainty and the influence of a father admired for his integrity and a mother known for her boundless selflessness. His decision to pursue a legal career was inspired by his father’s circle of successful attorney friends, a testament to the saying, “You are the company you keep.” His academic journey led him from St. Andrews School in Bloemfontein to the University of the Free State, where he obtained his LLB, setting the stage for his career in law.

Transitioning from private practice in Bloemfontein to labour law at CEO in Gauteng, Brandon’s move was driven by a hunger for growth, learning, and new challenges. His story with CEO began through friendships and a shared vision of professional excellence and accountability. What stands out about Brandon’s role within CEO is not just his expertise in labour law but also his appreciation for the organisation’s culture of autonomy and innovation. Brandon describes the role of CEO in protecting the interests of its members across various industries as unique and forward-thinking.

When not immersed in the intricacies of labour law, Brandon is a man of many passions. Described by friends as energetic, witty, and understanding, he thrives in social settings and cherishes the time spent with friends and family. A devoted runner, Brandon’s pride in completing the ADDO 44km Elephant Trail Run in less than 6 and a half hours (despite an injury!) mirrors his determination and resilience, qualities that shine both in his personal and professional life.

Brandon’s vision for the future is one of simplicity and joy—a loving family, comfort, and shared achievements. It’s a vision that echoes his journey: one where success is measured not just by professional milestones but by the quality of connections made along the way.

For someone who values growth, connection, and a good bit of laughter (especially in the form of a slapstick comedy!), Brandon Hartel embodies the essence of what it means to live fully. His journey with CEO is more than a career path; it’s a reflection of a life lived with purpose, passion, and an unwavering commitment to others. Brandon’s story is a reminder that, at the core of every ambition, relationship matters, and it’s the connections we foster that define our true success.